The FLOSS 2013 survey

In 2002, the first FLOSS survey was launched. With over 2500 participants, it was the first large survey of Free/Libre/Open Source developers around the world. This survey had major impact in the community, academia and politics. 10 years later we would like to replicate the survey in order to see how the community has changed.

We have published the version 1.0 of the survey dataset in our results page. Future versions of the data and survey report soon!

Note 02.04.2014: Version 1.0 of the dataset published (CC-By + ODC-By licenses).

Note 07.12.2013: The survey is closed. Thanks for participating!

Note 28.11.2013: Deadline extended! The survey will be open for participation until December 6th, 2013 (23:59 GMT).

Note 25.11.2013: The LibreJS plugin may complain about the JavaScript used in the survey. It's a false negative: we only use libre software to manage the survey (the GPL'ed licensed LimeSurvey project). We're reporting these issues (related to how license information is specified in the scripts) to the respective upstream projects.

Note 14.11.2013: Accessibility problems? Try our accessible version or tell us on and we will call you.

Note 12.11.2013: Our SSL certificate has expired. We're working to have a new one ASAP. Sorry for the inconveniences. Update 15.11.2013: Our new SSL certificate is active now.

The questions in this survey are almost the same than the ones in 2002, although some minor changes have been introduced, as community and circumstances have changed during these last years. So, for instance, now we do not only targedevelopers, but also all contributors to FLOSS projects.

The survey opened November 12th 2013 and will close December 6th 2013. We encourage you to spread the word among your community.

The results of the survey will be published in an Open Access journal. An anonymized version of the data will be provided to other researchers under a Creative Commons license (See Privacy).

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