Survey Results

While the survey has been active, we have been providing daily snapshots of the results in this page. Here you can find a list with the number of participants for each day of the survey.

Now the survey is closed, we are providing the anonymized, raw dataset. Future (curated) versions of the dataset will be published here too.


We provide the survey questionnaire in several formats, and the dataset with the answers, in anonymized form, in several formats too. The dataset is versioned: current dataset is version 1.0 (raw). Please refer to the changelog file for further details on each dataset version.

All the files are made available dual-licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and the Open Data Commons Attribution License. (For details about the anonimization of the data, see Privacy).

Questionnaire downloads Creative Commons License

Dataset downloads Creative Commons License

Version 1.0 (raw)


Version 1.0

  • Merged answers from our accessible questionnaire and the general questionnaire.
  • Deleted records having all the fields in blank or "{question not shown}".
  • Removed duplicates (based on completed email field).
  • Data anonymized: now the email field contains 0 for blank emails or "{question not shown}", 1 for incomplete emails, 2 for complete emails (being "complete" a text field in the form "sometext@someothertext").

Statistics and Graphs

Warning: these graphs are drawn based on our current dataset. By no means, these are final results.

Q002: Type of contribution

Type of contribution

Q004: Gender distribution

Gender distribution

Work online with the data

You can access our LimeSurvey site in order to view/export the dataset or generate your own statistics and graphs based on the current dataset. Please use this login information:

Research and reports

We are working on the survey report and publications, which will be listed here. If you have studied the data of this survey and want your publication about it listed here too, contact us.

While there is no publication, please cite us as follows:

APA style:
Laura Arjona-Reina, L., Robles, G., Dueñas, S. (2014).
The FLOSS2013 Free/Libre/Open Source Survey. January 2014.
Available on-line:

title = "The FLOSS2013 Free/Libre/Open Source Survey",
month = "January",
year = "2014",
url = "",
author = "Laura Arjona-Reina and
Gregorio Robles and
Santiago Dueñas"

Import the survey to your own LimeSurvey install

You can import the survey into your own LimeSurvey environment in order to have full freedom to build upon our work. It's easy, and free software! Follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install LimeSurvey. Right now we are using Version 1.92+ Build 120919, but we have tested the import with most recent version at the time of writing (2.05+) and it works too.
  2. Create a survey, go to the "Import" tab, and import the ".lss" file of our questionnaire.
  3. Activate the survey.
  4. Go the "Responses and Statistics", and generate an (empty) CSV file with the headers for answers to the survey, using the "VV Export" button.
  5. Open the resulting CSV file with your favorite spreadsheet software (e.g. LibreOffice Calc) and copy the two rows containing the headers.
  6. Open the our CSV file containing the answers of the survey with your favorite spreadsheet software (e.g. LibreOffice Calc).
  7. Insert two rows at the top of the spreadsheet and paste the headers you copied from your exported scheme.
  8. Verify that the column order remains the same (the text of the questions is the same in both header rows). If not, reorder the answer columns to match your headers.
  9. Delete the old headers (should be rows 3 and 4), and save the file.
  10. Go again to your LimeSurvey install, "Responses and Statistics", and import the file using the "VV Import" button.
  11. Enjoy!
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