Access the questionnaire while it is active or download it in a printable form (PDF file).


Many questions in this survey are almost the same as the ones in the FLOSS 2002 Survey (

We have adapted the wording of some questions depending of the type of contributions of the participant (coding contributions or non-coding contributions).

We have introduced some new questions, as the community and the circumstances have changed during these last years.

The survey is managed using the a libre software called LimeSurvey.


This survey is anonymous. We don't track your IP nor use cookies.

All the questions are optional except the one about the type of your contribution to FLOSS projects.

In an optional question, we ask for your email (or part of it). We use this information to ascertain that you have contributed to FLOSS projects. We will scan source code and match it against the information you provide. If you want to receive the final outcomes of the survey, you should of course include your complete e-mail address. We consider you e-mail address as private data, so it will NOT be shared with other research groups or any other third party under any circumstance.

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